Rent a Priest luistert naar wat wij belangrijk vinden

We personally haven’t chosen for the institution ‘Church’ because hypocrisy and intolerance don’t match with God’s willing fors ure. That is our personal opinion. Whe have chosen for your organization because a friend suggested us your contact. We checked the entire site and we consider your organization a serious and tolerant organization. What we really appreciate is the fact you give importance to willing, to need of a couple. You give importance to the same thing is important to us, in the same mesure, no care about about our religion of credo. Two persons loving and respecting each other are asking God to approve and bless this union. Is a need our couple has and I had the impression you can understand and respect this.
For us: belief in not belief in a church… with is just an institution. 

Sven en Judy

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